All credit to the misprint be:
It brightens up our world.
It inculcates hilarity,
Wherever it's unfurled.
It casts discretion to the wind,
Completely unashamed,
With all decorum to rescind,
Whatever be misnamed.
All credit to the misprint be,
No matter where we go,
The printer who has put an 'E'
Who should have put an 'O'.
The cause of this (when he is caught),
A mere "slip of the hand",
Though usually he's never sought,
I'm glad to understand.
All credit to the misprint, then:
Let genius arise,
The comp who misprints only when
The twinkle's in his eyes,
Who sends a smile right round the world,
In mischief more or less,
Whose brow is dark and gnarled and knurled
With laughing in the press.
Frank Clarke